Why New Meta Tech?

About Us

New Meta Technologies was founded after several years of working with small businesses and observing a large hole in technology utilization. NMT’s founder spent many years working in the technology industry for large companies and the military. Focusing on mostly rapid prototyping, he had the advantage of becoming familiar with many different types of technology. After leaving the industry to take those engineering skills to auto racing he found that many small businesses (if not all) seriously rely on technology, even something as simple as auto shops. Technology is wonderful for business, it enhances productivity, that's why even the small businesses need it. However after seeing friends, family, and peers lose businesses and deal with issue after issue, we decided to do something about it. NMT is in your corner and dedicated to the success of your business.

Our Goals


Help Protect

Your business is your livelihood.  We want to help keep it providing for generations to come.


Make Life Easier

Running a business is hard. When things just work, you can focus on what's important.


Grow Your Business

Technology is the strongest tool to grow your business. We want to help in that journey.